Adaptivecast is a decentralized social community platform - we offer self-hosted communication and collaboration tools so you can create and manage ultra-low latency, live multimedia events on a global scale in your personal online space.

Adaptivecast is a decentralized platform - we do not host, stream or control your content. We provide real-time communication and live event tools adapted to your needs.

With a single click, Adaptivecast deploys selected infrastructure to your virtual private cloud and automatically activates the Adaptivecast platform, allowing you to create and manage live events.


After installing Adapativecast’s infrastructure, you have sole access to the tools and components of your communication platform. You control the operation and features of your platform and host and manage live events using Adaptivecast’s unified communication features, optimized for your needs.

In turn, Adaptivecast provides you with our easy to use API, SDK and web console. Adaptivecast does not have access to your platform or users, and only stores information necessary for deploying our infrastructure and providing software updates.

Unified communications

Adaptivecast offers an array of communication features, including ultra-low latency audio/video calls, screen sharing, real-time data channels, instant messaging, user presence and notifications support, and web, mobile and embedded clients.

Also infrastructure stack could be extended and customized with:

  • additional tools for recording live events
  • modules for broadcasting live events to other social media networks, video hosting and streaming platforms, and CDNs
  • voice messages, e-mail and SMS support
  • attached AI, ML and IoT units
  • and more...

Multimedia events

Adaptivecast’s infrastructure utilizes software-defined networks (SDNs) to create modular live events, modifiable in real time. These modules control audio, video and data streams and channels, and their features are customizable to meet the needs of your community as it grows.

These customized modules and infrastructure make up the Adaptivecast Decentralized Application (AC.DApp).

AC.DApp Store

Adaptivecast’s decentralized application (DAPP) store provides access to DAPPs which allow users to create decentralized communities and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on their own private cloud.

These tools give users and content creators access to their audience without the interference of third-party services, and a better way to monetize and secure their creative work with the help of blockchains, NFTs, smart-contracts and crypto transactions.